PORTHOLE IV: In-desk power & USB charging


PORTHOLE IV has been designed to support a range of Australian sockets and comes complete with integral 4amp USB charger, which is capable of charging all leading mobile phones and tablets, is designed to share the power when two devices are connected, but can deliver a maximum of 4amp to a single USB socket when only one device is connected.


• Available in black, white or grey
• Compact dimensions, ideal for space-saving installations
• 2 x USB charging sockets with integrated power supply
• Fitted with 10amp auto-switched socket (also available with 15amp and round-pin earth)
• Available with international sockets
• Power cables exit from the base of the unit and can be supplied with softwiring connector or flex and 3-pin plug
• Surround has been designed to deflect spillages
• Designed to fit any desk thickness between 12mm and 42mm. Fits in a standard 80mm grommet hole.
• Black modules are supplied with black cables. White and grey modules are supplied with white cables.
• Easy to retro-fit: incorporates an under-desk, handtightened barrel nut to fix unit in place.

Please Note :
International socket options are available. Contact our sales team for more information.