UNICON Cable Basket


Unique flat pack design offers ease of transportation and space saving.


• Flat pack construction
• Sides fold up and lock into place, using a unique living hinge design
• Easily transportable – allows up to 1800 unit per pallet
Store large numbers in installation on various floor levels
• Made from polypropylene (recyclable up to 50 times)
• One basket can be used on back to back workstations by adding additionnal segregation barrier and dual data bezels

Options available:

• Available in white or silver

Supplied with:

• One or two brackets for fixing underside of desk (65 or 85 mm drop)
• 500 mm kit is supplied with dual data bezel
• All the other kits are supplied with quad data bezel
• Supplied in 500 mm lengths that clip together to give desired length (500 – 1000 – 1500 mm etc.)