November 6, 2018

3 Ways Busbar And Cable Management Systems Can Help You Maximise Productivity

A busbar system has become an indispensible part of power infrastructure in most organisations today.  In addition to efficient cable management and office power solutions like below desk power modules, a busbar system can greatly improve and organise power distribution in your office. Quality busbar systems available at trusted specialists like dpg form-fittings can reduce […]

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September 25, 2018

USB Charger and Cable Management Systems: Clever tools for Better Productivity

When creating an electrical plan for your new office, you’ll have to make some crucial decisions regarding cable management and power supply. Unless you’re an expert, it’s always challenging to predict the types, locations and number of power outlets that will suit the needs of your workplace. Thankfully, with soft-wired office power solutions like USB […]

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August 28, 2018

Office Power Solutions: Understanding the Benefits of Wireless Charging

  Let’s face it- many conventional office power solution is not designed to suit today’s business needs. Therefore, most successful businesses are turning to advanced office power solutions, such as wireless charger. These products enable entrepreneurs to dramatically simplify the power infrastructure at workplace as well as make it more efficient and cost-effective in the […]

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June 19, 2018

Office Fit Out: How to Optimize Your Workplace Ergonomics

To run a successful business, it’s important to balance function, aesthetics and comfort at your workplace. Fortunately, by choosing scientifically designed ergonomic products like sit stand workstation for your office fit-out project can help you achieve a superbly efficient and flexible workplace with absolute ease. By incorporating ergonomics in your next office fit out project, […]

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