Harmony II

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Harmony II on-desk has been given a facelift to improve its appearance. A new double end cap now means that there are no visible screws creating a flawless look.
The inclusion of rear access data sockets also allows for greater flexibility achieved by the separate supply of data cable.

Harmony II is configured with segregated power & data/AV choices to suit different workstation requirements and can be fitted to the edge of the desk with C-clamps or adhesive kits, making it functional, yet non-intrusive to the working desk.


• Newly designed en caps with no visible screws
• Anodised aluminium extruded body
• Fascias/End caps available in black, grey or white
• Standard inner end caps are available in lime green, orange or cyan
• All standard options are supplied with a 500mm in/out softwiring connector
• Can be wired with a 10amp flex lead and 3-pin plug
• If 3 or more sockets are required, a thermal overload must be incorporated
• Larger spacing at rear of extrusion for easier data cable installation
• Double end cap system allows for a greater choice of colour options
• Completely customisable to each users specifications with a wide range of data and AV components available
• Accept Category 6 data
• Fixing via standard C-clamps or adhesive fixing kit

Options available:

• Cat6 RJ45

Technical informations