TYPE Z – On-desk Module


Ultra Charge USB A and USB C charger is the latest addition to the dpg-formfittings charging range. This new unit offers the benefit of a USB type-A socket (maximum 2.4Amp) and USB type-C socket that adapts to the device that is plugged in.

When a smartphone or tablet is plugged into the Ultra Charge type-C socket, a “handshake” will be performed with the attached device and if the device is capable of ‘fast charging’ it will supply the device using a 12 Volt supply until the battery reaches 40/50%, then switch over to 9 Volts or 5 Volts supply, this is dictated by the device being charged.


  • Newly designed endcaps with no visible screws
  • Anodised aluminium extruded body • Fascias/endcaps available in black, grey and white
  • Sockets also available in red, blue and green (other colours be request)
  • All standard options are supplied with a 500mm IN/OUT softwiring connector
  • Can be wired with a 10amp flex lead and 3-pin plug
  • Completely customisable to each users specifications with USB chargers and wide range of data and AV components available
  • Accept enhanced category 6 data outlets • Fixing via standard C-clamps or adhesive fixing kit

Options available:

• 5 Volts x 3.0 Amps = 15 Watts
• 9 Volts x 2.0 Amps = 18 Watts
• 112 Volts x 1.5 Amps = 18 Watts