September 25, 2018

USB Charger and Cable Management Systems: Clever tools for Better Productivity

When creating an electrical plan for your new office, you’ll have to make some crucial decisions regarding cable management and power supply. Unless you’re an expert, it’s always challenging to predict the types, locations and number of power outlets that will suit the needs of your workplace. Thankfully, with soft-wired office power solutions like USB […]

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July 30, 2013

New USB Charger Now Available

DPG-Formfittings’s new USB charger, shown above in our Contour module with 2 power and Cat 5 data, is fitted to our standard 50x50mm tile and can be installed in any of our current on-desk and in-desk modules, making this the perfect power solution for the contemporary office – where mobile communication devices are needed most! […]

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